What I Learned from 2014

2014 was quite the year for me. Overall it was pretty good and the best of all of it was the traveling. What I found was that my relationships with people and my outlook on life evolved for the better, despite having to leave some behind. So what lessons am I taking into the new year?

  1. See the world – Live outside of your box! I don’t make a whole lot of money, but I had some opportunities that afforded me cheap travel and things to do! Saving was really key and helped me get out of my city and out of Virginia. If you have a desire to travel, you will make it happen. I was able to fly and stay in Chicago for a conference with Kappa Delta and learn leadership tools. I went to Florida and watched the best sunset of my life on the Gulf.I visited my brother and took a trip to Georgetown and really fell in love. I worked at Bonnaroo and was able to get a ride there and back and attend the festival for free and made friends with hippies. I went to Delaware and attended Firefly Music Festival. And on New Years Eve, I went to Richmond and experienced another city. Adventure is out there if you seek it, and in 2015, I hope for more adventures and traveling.
  2. Live Free – This past year, I stepped outside the expectations of what I thought my life should be. If you live according to the constant input of others, you will never be your own person. Advice is appreciated, but it is really exhilarating to listen to your heart and what you want. For myself, this is taking myself on coffee dates and reveling in my ability to be complete and alone. It’s also being able to make your own choices and already knowing the consequences. It’s also being able to shrug off or ignore judgement from others while remaining yourself.
  3. Find something you love – I became really involved in watching the World Cup despite my family’s constant barrage of comments on “how soccer doesn’t make and sense” and “it’s boring”. I actually really enjoyed following the action and I had watched some English soccer before. I’ve never been much into sports so I decided to do some research and watch videos and chose a soccer club (Arsenal) to follow and I really enjoy it and am pretty passionate about it!

2015 is starting off a good year and I’m in a nice place in school and in my personal life. I’m learning that I don’t have to overextend myself for people that don’t want to be there and seeing that people that make an effort to be with me are really valuable!

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