Weekend Adventures: Apple Harvest

After a busy weekend in Northern Virginia, this weekend quickly arrived and Daniel and I were up early to head toΒ Syria, VA for the Graves Mountain Apple Harvest Festival! I saw this event on a Virginia travel blog and thought it would make for a great fall event, and it didn’t disappoint.

The drive up to the Orchard was about 3.5 hours and we hit some traffic trying to get into the parking spaces. We were cranky, hungry, and had to pee but we made it in eventually and started the fun!

We expected to pick the apples off the trees but instead saw that you had to select them from the crates, despite this, we still had fun sorting through them and finding the perfect apples to take home and make a pie with!

There were so many vendors there and a cute pumpkin patch that made our fall photoshoot happen. Daniel for so than I, enjoyed the pork rinds that were being made in front of us, and we grabbed a can of apple butter to take home. We even saw someone making it right there at the festival. I’ve since tried it on a bagel and it’s really tasty!

Brunswick Stew with apple sauce and apple butter!

We finished up our day with a meal, I got the Brunswick Stew and Daniel got a pork sandwich. We checked out the creek that was nearby and took some photos there, and I wish there was something like it at home! It was a fun day exploring a part of Virginia I hadn’t visited yet!

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