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Summer Wrap Up

Can you believe summer is almost over? (And I barely posted throughout it!) So here’s so quick summer updates before I delve into what’s going down in August…

  1. I turned 23! Though last night even I forgot how old I actually am, I celebrated my birthday at the end of June. I had lunch with my mom and my birthday twin, my dad, atΒ Captain Groovy’s in Virginia Beach and I had the biggest pieces of seared tuna all to myself. I received a beautiful Coach purse and a new Coach wallet to replace my falling apart Kate Spade wristlet (RIP). It seems that receiving pink wallets for my birthday is kind of my thing! After that, Daniel took me out toΒ Smartmouth Brewery for a pre-dinner beer flight and then we were off toΒ Texas de Brazil! Which was super yummy and I ate as many lamb chops as I could. That Saturday, I was treated to a girls beach trip and a surprise birthday celebration with my friends that Daniel put together, so a pretty much perfect way to be 23.
  2. I finally made it to New York City! It’s been a goal of mine to make it up to this city since I was in college and I never got the chance to be able to. I went with Daniel and a long time friend of his on the Megabus from D.C. We arrived at almost 7am in Midtown and did some early morning exploring. I absolutely loved the architecture and seeing the sights you see on TV but one thing really got to me: the smell. I don’t know if it was a Manhattan thing or a summer thing but the city smellsΒ so bad. At the end of the day when I hopped back on the bus, I smelt like hot garbage and it seriously put me off from wanting to come back. That and how dirty and littered the streets were. Maybe I’ll have that magic moment when I visit another Borough but I didn’t feel it. Sorry NYC, Chicago still has my heart.
  3. I started my thesis work! It’s been a slow going process and I make mistakes and there are days I don’t wanna go in, but I’m getting there. I feel like I know what I’m doing but that might be just being overly confident some days.

Those are the main points of this summer, I’m back in class and so, so thankful I don’t have the same crazy courseload I had last year. I have 2 classes and 1 online class that starts in late October. Wish me luck with this year and let’s hope I come out of it with a master’s degree on time.

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