Post-grad life is a party?

So post grad life has actually treated me well! I was only unemployed for 4 days before I landed an office assistant job for the time being that pays pretty well and isn’t too hard for full time work. It’s been an adjustment switching from class all day to work all day but it’s been one that I enjoy since I’m free after work to do what I want and my weekends are a blast.

I’ve started off my summer with a local music festival in Suffolk called LAVA Festival that I found did pretty well for its first run. I went with my boyfriend and his roommates and his neighbor and met up with a friend later. It was incredibly hot with no chance for shade but there were some awesome performances. My next adventure was zip lining in Williamsburg but a thunderstorm cut that trip short with Daniel and we will be back!

This weekend, we made the trip up into the D.C. area for Sweetlife Festival which was new to me, but I was excited to do another festival that lasted more than a day. The music was great and I particularly enjoyed performances from Kendrick Lamar, Banks, The Weeknd, Charli XCX, and Raury to name some favorites. Calvin Harris did a phenomenal job ending the weekend with a crazy dance party on the light (glowsticks brought of course) and fireworks to end with a bang!

I would definitely consider going back next week and look forward to seeing what the lineup for next year will be!

Pre-Calvin Harris dance off

The other component of the festival was the food which was absolutely delicious. On the first day, we enjoyed tacos and a Mediterranean plate with beef and lamb meatballs; on the second day, pho fries and a Spanish pulled pork sandwich. The downside is that we left NOVA around 1:30am and got back home around 5am and both Daniel and I had work, but what’s being useless for a day’s worth of work for that kind of weekend?

Tacos and Greek food!


Plans for the rest of the summer include: me turning 22, Foo Fighters 20th Anniversary, a trip to the Outer Banks, a wedding in Mexico, and another festival in D.C. in September!

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    June 2, 2015 at 6:52 am

    I hope after I’m finally done with school I’m only unemployed for 4 days lol. I hope to have a job as soon as I’m handed my diploma. Summer plans sound fun, I also turn 22.

    Darianne | Morning Brew blog | Instagram | Bloglovin’

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