Windy City!

Hello and I am back from Chicago! This trip was amazing for several reasons: I flew solo for the first time ever, had an amazing time, and fell in love with a great American city. I had the best time there and it’s a little bittersweet that I’m back already, but Virginia is my home where my family is. So, onto the trip! Continue Reading


Pretty Little Things

Long time no blog! I’m proud to say that I’m done with my first year of graduate school classes and that I can kind of have a life again and submit myself back into society. This semester has been somewhat of a nightmare and my classes have thrown me through several loops but I’m guessing/hoping it’s made me a stronger person. Anyways, I’ve been rewarding myself in several ways for getting through certain parts of the semester. So first, I ordered a new agenda since I love the one I have for 2015-2016 and they are sure to sell out. This year, they have a new medium size so I went for it and I love it. Peonies are also my favorite flower so how could I resist? I also snagged a cute sticky note set which as plenty of notes to use throughout the year. The sticker book deal was too good to pass up and I have more than enough flair for my old and new planner. Hopefully, it’ll make organizing the next school year less depressing? Let’s hope so. Continue Reading


Weekend Splurge!

Happy Sunday! This weekend kicked off with an extremely tiring Friday, but my test and presentation is over and even though I went full grandma status on a party, I made it to Sunday. Yesterday, Daniel and I went to the mall so I could indulge myself with my Old Navy supercash and to take advantage of the Beauty Insider discount at Sephora. So I took it upon myself to be a little naughty and go and get the Tartelette 2 palette I’ve been eyeing for a while and I have zero regrets about it.Β  Continue Reading

Beauty Reviews

Colourpop Review

So as of late, I’ve hopped onto the Colourpop train because its inexpensive and the colors seem fun, so why not? So far, I’ve placed two orders with my latest being the bigger haul. As far as logistics go, it takes a while for your order to get processed online but I’ve found that once the order is packaged and ready to be shipped, the shipping time is fairly fast. As for the quality, I haven’t had anything to complain about. In my first order, I did order the Swerve gel liner which I was on the fence about, but quickly resolved application errors by buying the proper brush to apply it best. Continue Reading