Weekend Splurge!

Happy Sunday! This weekend kicked off with an extremely tiring Friday, but my test and presentation is over and even though I went full grandma status on a party, I made it to Sunday. Yesterday, Daniel and I went to the mall so I could indulge myself with my Old Navy supercash and to take advantage of the Beauty Insider discount at Sephora. So I took it upon myself to be a little naughty and go and get the Tartelette 2 palette I’ve been eyeing for a while and I have zero regrets about it.  Continue Reading

Beauty Reviews

Colourpop Review

So as of late, I’ve hopped onto the Colourpop train because its inexpensive and the colors seem fun, so why not? So far, I’ve placed two orders with my latest being the bigger haul. As far as logistics go, it takes a while for your order to get processed online but I’ve found that once the order is packaged and ready to be shipped, the shipping time is fairly fast. As for the quality, I haven’t had anything to complain about. In my first order, I did order the Swerve gel liner which I was on the fence about, but quickly resolved application errors by buying the proper brush to apply it best. Continue Reading


Music Monday: Up for Grabs – Astronauts etc.

Happy Monday! Today has been crazy from screwing up my own sandwich order, spending 4 hours on a test, and locking myself in the library immedately after said test to update my blog instead of reading a journal article.

Here’s what’s been on repeat all weekend while I studied and easily one of my favorite songs. Astronauts, etc. is one of those bands that I find myself mellowing out to often and come back to no matter what I’m feeling. Enjoy!


Serious adulting

Hello again, I thought I’d give some updates on everything going on. So lately, I’ve been in somewhat of a funk with everything going on in my life between hard exams, news about my friend that passed away, and my relationships with other people. Life has kind of been beating me down lately when I’m trying to keep on top of all of it. On the other end of all of this mess (and with the help of crying and talking to my boyfriend) I’ve done had some revelations that come down to the fact that I really need to take care of myself and grow up.

Self-care is something of a long term project for me that I’ve gotten better at through the years, but I’m not all there yet. I have a hard time sharing the things that trouble me with other people because I’m afraid of making them worry about me when I feel that I can handle it. But bottling things up hasn’t been working and has been damaging how I interact with other people.

I also need to get into the habit of saying how I feel if I’m upset and letting it go if I don’t speak up about it, expecting other people to just “get it” without me explaining myself. Working on yourself can be difficult and hearing criticism about yourself can be difficult to take in, but I’m trying to do it as gracefully as I can.

So that’s what I’m working on in these upcoming months but I’m feeling positive that I can make these changes happen. Other than that, I’m happy to say I’ll be traveling to Chicago this Memorial Day weekend to visit a good friend of mine who moved there for school. I’m super excited to go back and actually be a tourist. I’ve started prepping a list of things I want to do and see while I’m there as a reward for finishing up my first year of grad school. Now, I’m off to study for yet another exam…