One Year Later

This weekend, Daniel and I celebrated being together for 1 year! We don’t technically have a real day for when we started dating. Somebody asked a long time ago and he just gave the day we met, and we’ve been rolling with it. We planned our trip to Richmond and it was such a wonderful weekend.

We started off the trip at Maya Mexican Grill in the Short Pump area for some margaritas. I ordered the mango flavored one while Daniel ordered the classic style. Both were delicious and super fresh. Easily the best margarita I’ve ever had, seeing as it wasn’t too sugary and didn’t seem like a mix was used. Mine was especially dangerous, because I couldn’t taste the tequila!


After that, we checked into our hotel downtown and while they didn’t have the room we ordered ready, they did provide an upgrade to a nicer room free of charge, and it was absolutely lovely. (I still miss that bed).  After some wine, we walked to the restaurant a good distance away called Kanoa.

Dinner was delicious and stuffed as plenty, while we tried to not let the itis hit on the walk to the concert venue to see Bahamas and City and Colour.

Both bands sounded amazing and I was so excited that I had the chance to see Bahamas. I forgot to check who the opener was and was pleasantly surprised when I looked at the marquee that night!

The following day on our actual anniversary, we drove to Newport News for a Yelp event at Paragon theaters to try some of the restaurant samplers and beer before heading in to see The Night Before (which was hilarious). We’ll be back there to see Star Wars this weekend, and recliners in movie theaters should be the new standard, just saying.

So there’s the quick recap of the fun weekend, until next time!

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    January 28, 2017 at 7:43 pm

    Guten Morgen und vielen Dank Wilfried Meier,treffender und kürzer geht nimmer! Ihr 90 : 10 % Vergleich auf die Erstattung der Familie Lelijveld angewandt, würde endlich Sinn ergeben, denn auch dort scheint geplant, der Familie nur ca 10% des Schadens zu erstatten….Nur mal so dahin gedacht….GrussPeter Foerthmann

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