NFK Adventures: Finding my Green Thumb


Today’s adventure in Norfolk consisted of me attending a pop up shop for Glass Gardens a local business that was holding terrarium making classes for the weekend as well as selling stand alone plants. I had met the owner before in 2013 when he came to a fair hosted at ODU and I had bought a succulent and a cactus from him. They went along pretty well for being owned by a girl who hadn’t owned plants in a while and kept a bamboo plant from Ikea alive for a good amount of time. But with winter and and an improperly weather sealed window, they both succumed to winter temperatures. Regardless, I thought I’d give it another shot to have a pretty little succulent in a homemade container and my brother even tagged along for the event!


The class itself was pretty simple to follow along with, for $15 you got to pick out a decent sized container, we both selected a standard mason jar, and we went over the simple instructions. With your jar, you filled rocks at the bottom, added some soil to your desired height, added some sand if you wanted to, and the picked out the succulents you wanted to place in your container.

There were also other plants for sale, some were pretty large and there were cacti and air plants for sale as well. The man who runs this business definetly has found his passion and fostered it well! He treats all customers with respected and humbled himself by letting everyone know he was once a beginner and just went along with his interested and asked for help along the way. I bought a cactus for Daniel to keep in his office since he was away in New York for the weekend. I hope that my succulent grows big and strong so that I can re-pot it when the times comes. Hopefully someday in the future I can also have a bigger space to share my plant love! As president and only member of the garden club in the third grade, this little adventure was up my alley!

Tomorrow’s plans consist of laundry, some cleaning, Dim Sum with a friend, and seeing Daniel back from his weekend trip!

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    June 7, 2015 at 10:08 pm

    I tried gardening once and it didn’t work out well. So I think my green thumb is forever dead. Lol!

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    June 16, 2015 at 4:33 am

    Love it! Makes me miss gardening.

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