New Changes!

Hello MM in 2016! I’ve missed out on a lot of updates but here I go recapping the end of 2015 and how 2016 is going, and what I want to get done this year!


  • Right before Christmas, I lost a friend of mine who I had known since the 6th grade. It was shocking to me to learn that someone who had been in my life for so long was gone so suddenly. It made me think about how important it is to live each day to the best of our ability, spend time with the people we love, and remember that life is short. I still miss her very much, but I’ve gotten through my grieving process to know that she would want me to smile and be happy, and to remember her through the good times we had together.
  • Got into a minor car accident – this was minor and kind of my fault, but that happened…
  • Celebrated Christmas with family – it was a great time to be with the people I love after such a crazy week
  • Rang in the new year with friends and good spirits. I wore an incredibly sparkly dress, had a good amount of champagne, and wore my ‘2016’ headband. It was a great night!


  • I am currently tackling my second semester of grad school and trying to stay as far ahead as I possibly can but also trying to shake off the laziness of being on break
  • Going to see my siblings this weekend when I travel towards the D.C. area, which I’m super excited to spend time with the both of them
  • Trying not to feel stretched to my limits in my personal life. At the moment, I’m feeling like I can’t manage to please everyone with the amount of time they each want me to commit to all at once, and it’s making me stress out.


  • Take care of myself. I want to be more proactive about putting my needs above others. I’m so guilty of readily accommodating the schedules and demands of the people I love first and then trying to gather time for the things I want to do. Mentally, I want to stop myself from letting negative things build up in my head. I bought a One Line a Day Journal and a self-exploration journal to help me with that. Physically, I want to exercise again (which I know is a goal everyone sets at the beginning of the year). I want to stay the size I am but also be in good health since it’s a good habit into adulthood and to reduce the frequency of my back issues. Tonight I ordered an activity tracker to help motivate me to be active and keep track of my progress. Super excited for it to arrive and also, I’m looking to find apps that will reward me financially for doing well!
  • Find more things I enjoy. I’ve done a good job so far in my life of being okay with being alone or being an individual, but I’d like to find more things other than work to keep me busy. I received a coloring book kit from my sister that I really love and I’m going to get back into doing photography and fun video manipulations on my phone for fun.

So there’s some lists for the night and I’m going to work day by day to bring about some positive changes in my life.

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