I’m (Almost) A Real Life Adult

The long, unanticipated hiatus is over! I didn’t want to take break from blogging but life happens and months later,Β I reached a milestone that had felt like it would never come. I walked at the commemencement for my master’s degree. The day of was a long and tiring one but it’s really hitting me how fast time has flown by in these 2 years. If I said grad school was a breeze, I would certainly be lying to you. Even now, while I work on my thesis and search for a job, I wonder if this was the right choice for me. 2 years ago, I was unsure what paht I was going to take. I didn’t think dental school was going to happen for me at the time, and my job search was coming up empty. I remember waiting that summer to hear back from the only masters program I had applied for, and mid-June, I finally got the ‘yes’ I was hoping for.

The courses were challening and I remember thinking just how different this experience was from undergrad. For one, I felt alone and I still kind of do. I was around people (very few of them at that) who I didn’t know and struggled to make friends and keep up with my already existing friendships because of distance and lack of time. The coursework was at times difficult or tedious and pointless. I spent a lot of nights feeling inadequate and crying about being overwhelmed and feeling out of place here. (I am thankful to Daniel who made me feel otherwise!)

So all of that being said, I don’t know that I would do it all over again, but here I am. On the verge of writing and defending a thesis and finally becoming a big girl. I will say that I feel much more prepared and optimistic about taking on the adult world. I’ve undergone a lot of changes including knowing more about what exactly I’m doing in a lab and how to budget (living off of no income is the real struggle y’all). I also learned to depend on other people when I feel that I can’t do it all. My family of course has always been there, but my boyfriend was really my rock throughout this whole thing. If someone can handle you at your worst, deal with all of your meltdowns all while pursing their own master’s degree and wrenches in life, anything is possible!

The job search and thesis organization continues but it’s really a relief that classes are over. I get to enjoy the weather, go exploring, and capture everything happening along the way.

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