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Colourpop Review

So as of late, I’ve hopped onto the Colourpop train because its inexpensive and the colors seem fun, so why not? So far, I’ve placed two orders with my latest being the bigger haul. As far as logistics go, it takes a while for your order to get processed online but I’ve found that once the order is packaged and ready to be shipped, the shipping time is fairly fast. As for the quality, I haven’t had anything to complain about. In my first order, I did order the Swerve gel liner which I was on the fence about, but quickly resolved application errors by buying the proper brush to apply it best. Onto the swatches!


Left to right: Wisp (highlighter), Swift (blush), Central Perk (eyeshadow), and Stereo (eyeshadow)

I am really so in love with Wisp. It looks like a color that anyone can use and it really gives you that glow that isn’t too flashy. I like to use it everyday and apply a little more at night to stand out. Swift is a really lovely blush that has a texture similar to the highlighter, which is super plushy. I use Swift as a subtle contour mostly, but makes a great nighttime blush for my skintone. Central Perk is a favorite eyeshadow of mine. It’s matte and can be used to standout or be used in everyday toned down colors. Stereo is a fun shade that can be used day or night. It kind of comes off with a black undertone but can be blended out to get the sparkle.


Left to right: Bad Habit, Tulle, Bumble, Frick n Frack, and Echo Park

On to the lipsticks! This was the main reason I got into Colourpop, was to affordably up my lip game. I’ve only recently started rocking color on my lips confidently without feeling like I’m playing with my mom’s makeup and I’m really enjoying it, especially on weekend nights.

Matte: Bad Habit is a playful, bright pink color that I like to wear on girls nights out. It’s pretty bold color but helped me transition out of red being my go to bold every time.Β Tulle was the first lip color I ordered and I love it! My friend Amira ordered it first and since we have a similar skin tone, I was convinced I could pull it off just as well as her. For me, Tulle is my “comfortable vampy tone”. It’s not too dark where I feel like a wanna be goth girl but it’s on the darker end and I really enjoy wearing it. It also isn’t too drying.Β Bumble is a fun pink color that is semi-bright on me but could definitely work as an everyday staple. I think it looks good on everyone and my mom snagged herself a tube as well!

Satin: Frick n Frack is easily my favorite lip shade out of the bunch. Not only does it apply great but it is that great balance of feeling slightly fancier but not over the top. I could literally wear this any time and still feel professional and fresh faced.Β Echo Park was a color I wanted to love. It looked so great on the Youtubers but for some reason, it came out waaaaay too light on my face and applied streaky. Maybe I got a bad one but for now, I’ll stick to my Mac lippie that I apply for a casual pink color. It came out looking perfect on my mom though, so at least she found a use for it!


Wearing Wisp, Swift, Central Perk, Gel liner in Swerve, and Frick n Frack

So if you’re looking for cheap makeup that has great quality not only for the price, consider buying from Colourpop! I look forward to forking over more cash to feed my makeup obsession and to not feelΒ that bad about it.

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