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    I’m (Almost) A Real Life Adult

    The long, unanticipated hiatus is over! I didn’t want to take break from blogging but life happens and months later,Β I reached a milestone that had felt like it would never come.…

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    Welcome 2017!

    Hello 2017! It’s been a long time coming, and 2016 has been a wild, and at times terrible ride. Aside from the politcal circus and celebrity deaths, it was a weird…

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    Summer Wrap Up

    Can you believe summer is almost over? (And I barely posted throughout it!) So here’s so quick summer updates before I delve into what’s going down in August……

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    Serious adulting

    Hello again, I thought I’d give some updates on everything going on. So lately, I’ve been in somewhat of a funk with everything going on in my life between hard exams,…

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    New Changes!

    Hello MM in 2016! I’ve missed out on a lot of updates but here I go recapping the end of 2015 and how 2016 is going, and what I want to…