Biking at the Fort!

This past weekend, Daniel and IΒ finally went biking. We’ve been meaning to go for months and got the opportunity to get outside this Saturday! We picked the perfect day for it, the weather was absolutely amazing and we picked a great location for it. It took us a while to get out of the apartment but we finally got going in the late morning.

We drove across the HRBT to Fort Monroe located off of Hampton, where there was plenty of water and historic sites to look at! Though I didn’t visit it on this trip, there’s the Casemate Museum inside the fort itself which is interesting to look at. Just riding around on the fort is cool because of the architecture and because most of the buildings are empty (or appear that way), so it’d be a little creepy to see at night. The structure of the fort is cool and how often do you get to see a moat in real life?

A real life moat y'all

A real life moat y’all


On our ride we saw plenty of boats and people enjoying the water, the Chamberlain Hotel, and people fishing on the pier. After an impulse turn we stumbled upon a new brewery called Ozzlefinch Brewery, which was a wonderful surprise! We grabbed a beer and sat on the grass and enjoyed some sides from a food truck called Potheads. After a break, we continued biking around and found a perfect spot along the water to watch the sunset.

The Chamberlain

The Chamberlain

It was such a perfect day and a perfect way to spend a Saturday! If you ever get the chance to explore Fort Monroe, go do it!

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