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    Saturday in Smithfield!

    I’m back! There’s been a lot of good changes going on in my life, and while they’ve been good, they’ve made me extremely busy. After the proposal, I got busy finding (and…

  • Lifestyle

    I Said ‘Yes!’/’Si!’

    Last Friday, I went out for what I thought was going to just be a celebratory date night for the end of a crazy summer, and turned out to be my engagment…

  • Lifestyle

    Weekend Refresh

    Sometimes, after a long week of stress, deadlines, and never ending to-do lists, you need a few days to chill out, eat your feelings, and start over. Well, that’s exactly what…

  • Journal

    Au Revoir, 23!

    I’ve finally reached the end of 23! It was a long year with a lot of ups and downs (mostly because of grad school) but I wanted to kick off 24…

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    I’m (Almost) A Real Life Adult

    The long, unanticipated hiatus is over! I didn’t want to take break from blogging but life happens and months later, I reached a milestone that had felt like it would never come.…