I’m Nicole! I’m a 24 year old beach kid living and exploring the other side of Hampton Roads. I have two degrees in biology and biomedical research, and am now working full-time and living with my future husband and our mini petting zoo.

I spend my free time binging shows online, attending concerts, trying out new local places, snuggling with my dogs, improving my cooking skills. I love baking new dessert recipes, beer taste tasting, and doing slight photography.

Current life goals: visiting Iceland, upgrading my camera, and going back to Japan!

The Site

Having a blog provides a nice medium between my inner thoughts and what I’d keep in a journal and it has really connected me to other people. My online journey has experienced many platforms, site names, and styles, but it’s my desire that regardless of who’s reading, I find a little joy in sharing part of my life with others.

The name Morning Moon comes fromΒ Julia by The Beatles (favorite band of all time). It’s one of the most beautifully sung song of theirs and has equally beautiful lyrics. I’m also a huge fan of the moon so I thought the title was fitting. And if you’re into astrology, Cancer is ruled by the moon!

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