25 for 25

Last weekend, I celebrated my 25th birthday with my family all in town! I admittedly had been dreading this milestone. I couldn’t help but feel like somewhat of a failure because 5 years ago, I thought I’d be more “successful” by 25. I eventually told myself that I was good enough and that I’d put in work and overcome a lot of things that are worth celebrating as successes.

We celebrated me and my dad’s birthday with steamed crabs and seafood, and a perfect sugar plum cake! I capped off my night by meeting a local celebrity at dinner (almost had a meltdown) and sailing with friends down the Elizabeth River.

I spent the rest of my vacation time soaking in time with my siblings and nephew who traveled from opposite ends of the country to come home, and squeezed in some pampering time too! I treated myself to some new activewear and tapas at Still in Old Town Portsmouth. The time away from work was very much needed, and I feel energized for all the things I want to accomplish this year. I’ve compiled 25 things I’m looking forward to/goals I’ve set for my 25th year! Take a look:

  1. Learn Spanish
  2. Get married!
  3. Bake a cheesecake
  4. Read more books on my bookshelf
  5. Visit California
  6. Bike more
  7. Practice yoga daily
  8. Attempt homemade ice cream
  9. Blog regularly
  10. Use my camera more often
  11. Aquire more houseplants
  12. Finish up all grad school work
  13. Continue my curly hair journey
  14. Become a morning person
  15. Play more video games
  16. More walks with my dog
  17. Shop and live more sustainably for the environment
  18. Discover more music
  19. Watch more new movies
  20. Explore outside more
  21. Become more frugal
  22. Continue building my credit score
  23. Drink more water
  24. Find volunteer opportunities
  25. Cultivate more self-worth and positivity

Excited to get started on these goals and tasks, and reveling in the fact that I’m here in this 25th year!

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    July 11, 2018 at 4:42 am

    25 is going to treat you so well!

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