Welcome 2017!

    Hello 2017! It’s been a long time coming, and 2016 has been a wild, and at times terrible ride. Aside from the politcal circus and celebrity deaths, it was a weird year. I felt frustrated and not very motivated a lot of the time, and life felt very stagnant. Grad school had me down and I’m still feeling that I’ve yet to find more than one class I’ve enjoyed here. Nevertheless, the new year is here and there’s so much to look forward to!

    For starters, this is my last semester of classes for my master’s degree (and maybe ever). I’ll be working hard to finish up my research and write my thesis, and graduating. I feel a lot more motiviated with an end in sight. Honestly, I’m burned out from school. At the end of last semester, I found myself not feeling pressured by due dates or caring about my assignments. My grades didn’t slip but I just geniunely hated school. Now I’m starting up the job search and excited to finally land a big girl job. Continue Reading

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    Give Me Glow Cosmetics Review!

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    Weekend Adventures: Apple Harvest

    After a busy weekend in Northern Virginia, this weekend quickly arrived and Daniel and I were up early to head to Syria, VA for the Graves Mountain Apple Harvest Festival! I saw…

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    Biking at the Fort!

    This past weekend, Daniel and I finally went biking. We’ve been meaning to go for months and got the opportunity to get outside this Saturday! We picked the perfect day for it,…

  • Journal Lists

    Summer Wrap Up

    Can you believe summer is almost over? (And I barely posted throughout it!) So here’s so quick summer updates before I delve into what’s going down in August……