I’m (Almost) A Real Life Adult

    The long, unanticipated hiatus is over! I didn’t want to take break from blogging but life happens and months later,Β I reached a milestone that had felt like it would never come. I walked at the commemencement for my master’s degree. The day of was a long and tiring one but it’s really hitting me how fast time has flown by in these 2 years. If I said grad school was a breeze, I would certainly be lying to you. Even now, while I work on my thesis and search for a job, I wonder if this was the right choice for me. 2 years ago, I was unsure what paht I was going to take. I didn’t think dental school was going to happen for me at the time, and my job search was coming up empty. I remember waiting that summer to hear back from the only masters program I had applied for, and mid-June, I finally got the ‘yes’ I was hoping for.

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